Thursday, 29 October 2015

On the way home

Dear all

Just a quick note to let you know the team are all safely on board the plane and en route to Nairobi where they will change planes and fly on to Heathrow.

It has been a pleasure working with St Dunstan's College and all the students have been a real inspiration and credit to you!

Day 12: Farewell Tanzania

Today was our last day in Tanzania, which provoked mixed emotions from the whole group- although excited to return home we were also sad to leave such a beautiful and inspiring country. 

We celebrated Gemma's 18th birthday with cake and party hats (which some managed to keep on the whole day) and left for our second day of safari at Lake Manyara early in the morning. 

Here we were met by herds of baboons and monkeys who entertained us with their human-like characteristics and interaction with one another. 

We also sighted giraffes, Buffaloes and hippos and the national park itself which was described as a 'beef and vegetable sandwich' was a scenic and picturesque setting. 

We returned to Twiga lodge for a final lunch together and were ready to depart by 2pm. 

Cheerio chaps thanks for reading the blog. 

Ps: Hatti says happy birthday dad.

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Day 11: Safari!

It was an early rise for the team the positive being the sunrise greeting our tired faces! After a speedy breakfast and final perpetration for departure from Malangi. There were many emotional final farewells exchanged bringing a tear to many people's eyes.

We then got on the road in our swanky safari vehicles with open tops. Once arriving at Tarangire national park we were treated with western toilets !!! 

In the park we saw numerous elephants, zebras, giraffes, dears, buffalo and lions (and many more). We had an interesting lunch were the pesky monkeys stole cake, mango juice and bananas from our packed lunches.

On our way to our safari lodge we stopped at a local Masai market which proved to be a test of a haggling skills with some more positive outcomes for some and some worse deals for others.

After the collective joy of being greeted by beds, hot showers and electricity the team sat down to enjoy our final dinner together. We then enjoyed a quiz and reflections of our time together. 

We are all looking forward to day two of safari :) 

Aniera, Gemma and Gabby :) :)

And some pictures of saying farewell to Malangi community: 

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Day 10: Last Day in the Village

Today was the team's last day in Malangi Village.

They had a lovely goat lunch followed by speeches of thanks and much dancing.

They have made such a huge impact! 

Saying good bye to Yohanna, LTT's guide and the team's translator and new found friend!

Receiving certificates and thank you gifts from the local community

Finishing touches to the classroom..

And the floor!

And a new seating area for the children too.

Monday, 26 October 2015

Day 9: Banana Trees

Today was the team's last full day on site and started with a motivational warm up/ Zomba class to some local Tanzanian music played loudly from a car stereo! 

Jobs ranged from brick lines to painting and despite everyone being tired and hot, all cracked on without complaint! After, yes you guessed it, more rice and beans, the group visited some of the communities homes to learn more about life in rural Tanzania and to gain a better understanding as to why the classroom they are building is so important to the Malangi community! 

The students found it eye opening to learn that some families walk more than 3 miles each way to collect water and came away feeling extremely appreciative of what they have and motivated to provide a safe and inspiring classroom that will attract children from all around the area! 

The team finished the work day by planting banana trees around the school. Each tree was named, much to the amusement of the some of the locals, but Barry, banoffee, dusty and the rest stand strong and will soon bear fruit for the children of Malangi Primary School! 

The day ended on a high with the team beating the local community in their third and final football match, 2-1!! 

Another beautiful day in Tanzania and although all will be sad to leave the community the team are extremely deserved of some well earned rest on safari!!

By Jess, Inspire Leader 

Sodas in the local 'bar'

Warm up dance with Yohanna the LTT guide

The classroom is taking shape

Hat making from leftover materials 

Sunday, 25 October 2015

Day 8: Sunday Funday

Today was unusual as we managed to muster an extra hour of sleep. We spent the morning at the local church, where we sang and danced and performed a hymn to the locals. The ceremony got cut short due to the local elections and the team took the opportunity to relax and enjoy the day off. 

The surprise activity was finally revealed in the afternoon. We spent a few hours participating in a tournament of traditional Tanzanian archery in which team "Kilimanjaro" won!! 

The dinner ended up being sweet pasta which everyone found.... Interesting. However desert more than made up for it.... POPCORN :) 

signing out Adam, Celia and Tom!

Saturday, 24 October 2015

Day 7: Bricks and Babati

Yet again the distant screams of the donkeys woke the team from their slumber. 

Drained yet enthusiastic the team downed their breakfast of porridge and set to work moving piles of bricks and stones from one place to the other, a tedious job made easier by the continuous stream of singing and laughing. 

After tackling another meal of beans and rice the team were rewarded with a relaxing and picturesque afternoon at Lake Babati, they enjoyed playing cards, sketching and even the prospective doctors got a chance to brush up on their BMAT knowledge. 

By the sixth repeat of 'lean on me' on the drive home, Beth and Hatti were the only ones left singing, the others suitably 'leant on.' 

The day ended with a surprise meal of omelette thanks to Etienne and Miss Roberts leaving the team in high spirits. 

Ps, Tom says happy birthday Mum. 

Gemma, Adam, Tania, Hatti